Utilizing Bidsquare you may now bid live from the privacy of your own computer, tablet or phone, or leave an absentee bid to be executed by Bidsquare. Please visit Bidsquare at www.bidsquare.com to review the current sale options and deadlines for bidding. Be sure to read the published Terms and Conditions when registering via the online bidding services as rules, bidding deadlines, and buyer’s premiums differ slightly from bidding directly with Pook & Pook.

If you are new to Bidsquare, you must click on “Register” in the upper right hand corner of the Bidsquare home page (www.bidsquare.com). After you create a Bidsquare account, you can sign up for any upcoming auction at Pook & Pook that is posted on Bidsquare.

All clients are required to provide a MasterCard, Visa or Discover account number and expiration date in order to be approved to bid with Pook & Pook. When you sign up to bid at a Pook & Pook auction on Bidsquare, you will be asked for your credit card. You can also submit our online form to Pook & Pook so that we may approve you to bid (you must already be a registered Bidsquare user). New buyers from outside of the United States must allow a $1,000.00 authorization on their credit card. New overseas clients may also be required to provide one or more auction house references (reference must be a major United States auction house) and/or a bank reference, bank letter or current bank statement. All authorizations are released by Pook & Pook, Inc. immediately following the auction, but availability of the funds may take up to thirty days depending on your card’s terms.

All bidders must provide their full name, address, email address, and phone number when registering for an account with Bidsquare. Please note that if you register just prior to or during an auction session, we may not have time to process your registration. Please also note that if you have multiple closed and/or open disputes on any online bid platform, Pook & Pook, Inc. reserves the right to decline your registration.

The Buyer’s Premium when bidding through Bidsquare is 25%.

If you have any questions about online bidding, please contact Cindy Hauer at billing@pookandpook.com or you can contact Bidsquare directly at support@bidsquare.com.